Flawless 53 Ford

We first saw this 53 at the F100 SuperNationals in 2008. Fast forward to the Summer of 2017 and it’s just as flawless as it was back then. While not everyone loves orange, this truck is awesome and begging to be looked at. Every inch of the body has been massaged and smoothed to perfection. Bumpers were removed along with a massive amount of body work to smooth this truck to the limit. Smooth runnning boards were fitted to perfection at the front and rear fender. Using a 53 grille, the builder frenched the headlights for a unique 53 look.It definitely reminds us of a 56 grille. Look closely at the images. There are many more modifications to see!

Inside the cab, the interior is just as perfect and inviting. Continuing the smooth theme, everything not needed was deleted.

Under the hood is a 460 with custom air cleaner cover.