53-56 Ford Truck Front Valance Frame Hole Patch Panel

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We laser cut and formed these patch panels and did not get the best results on the underside. The curve fits really well, which is what you see. We checked the fit of these on several different valances and the valances seem to vary a little bit. You will have to fit these (mostly light grinding and a tweak here or there). On the portion that wraps around the bottom: You will likely just want to trim it off (see pictures). Then cut a piece to fill in the under side. It’s not ideal, but with the curve and irregular shape of this area plus varying so much, it’s a good fix.
53-56 Ford Truck Front Valance Frame Hole Patch Panel
These patch panels fill in the valance where the cutouts are for the frame. If you are not going to install a front bumper, these are the panels to buy to weld in to smooth it out.
Sold Each – Buy 2 per truck – Fits either hole on the valance/gravel pan/splash pan. You will probably have to fit these to your valance panel (light grinding). We make the pointed ear area a little bigger than it needs to be for most trucks so it will fit any valance.

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